Just How Good Are Outdoor Revolution Awnings & Tents??

Who Are They? Why Should You Have One?

We see and speak to many people instore and online who have all kinds of questions about caravan awnings, driveaway awnings and tents. We are a camping shop after all so i guess its a good sign! However one of the things that regularly surprises me is the lack of awareness/knowledge people have on particular brands within our industry, considering many of these products be it a tent or awning can and often will set you back from around £400 all the way up to £1600+! This is for a GOOD product mind you, there are cheaper models from specific brands and outlets but in this game and life in general you get what you pay for.

At the end of the day we are all consumers and this brings me to my point. How many of us are not aware of popular brands of T.V's, clothing, tools, paint, laptops, coffee etc etc. We all (mostly) are very aware of all of these different consumer goods and they're perceived quality based on their brand reputation, our previous experiences with them or word of mouth. And yet in many cases the actual outlay in terms of product cost is tiny in comparison to what we will pay for a quality tent or awning, but the majority of people we speak to rarely know the name of their awning! Occasionally they may know the brand name but rarely the actual model. The most common response i get to the question "which awning is it that you have sir/madam" is either "the 390 air" or my personal favourite "the blue one"!!

I realise i am beginning to ramble here so let's now get down to it. This post is born out of frustration due to the fact that we want you to get the best possible product you can within your budget and that suits your particular wants and needs, this is where Outdoor Revolution come in. They are a UK company based in Yorkshire and they just so happen to produce some of the finest Air Tents and Air Awnings on the UK market today, some of the fabrics on their Caravan Porch Awnings for example are absolutely outstanding and will outlast many other brands of Porch Awning quite comfortably. They also use a double rip-stop polyester on a range of their Air Tents and Driveaway Awnings putting their products into the market leading category in terms of quality and durability.

Perhaps the biggest attribute that Outdoor Revolution Air Tents & Awnings boasts is their Intelligent Frame Relief System. In plain old English this simply means that they have installed a little gadget on the air tubes that lets off excess air pressure inside the tube caused by over inflation (Excessive pumpers! You know who you are) and air temperature increases. These are the most common issue's with all air products in our industry and Outdoor Revolution sets themselves apart from the crowd with this handy feature. And just to make you feel even more secure with your new air product, Outdoor Revolution offers an industry leading lifetime guarantee that their air beams will never fail you. If you ever run into a manufacturing fault with their beams you are covered, for life! All you have to do is register your purchase on their website which takes about 5 minutes max, and voila you are covered. No annoying marketing stuff from them afterwards either, just peace of mind.

Compared to other leading brands in the UK for tents, porch awnings and driveaway awnings you will find their prices are just as good as the products! If you are not being offered a superior warranty or product why would you ever pay more or even the same for something else!? It's madness i tell you!

I have written this post because i want you to know about this excellent range of products and how you at the very least need to consider an Outdoor Revolution tent/awning and compare and contrast against a rival. I have been doing this for a while now and i know a good/bad product range when i see one, right now and for the last couple of years it is my opinion that Outdoor Revolution has one of the strongest ranges of tents and awnings i have ever seen and especially since air technology has begun to dominate. Top of the range fabrics, pressure release valves and lifetime beam guarantee's make any Outdoor Revolution Air Tent or Awning a very strong contender for your next purchase, for me though they are a no brainer!

As always if you ever need any advice on any products then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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