We NEED Your Reviews!!

First of all we want to thank you for shopping online with us and we hope that you have enjoyed your purchase, and most of all the service you received from us especially in terms of after sales care. This is an area we really do attempt to go above and beyond with, to take a "let's try and please everybody approach" regardless of the fact we know that this is a business philosophy that is ultimately doomed from the outset! But aiming impossibly high should mean that we are delivering a high level of service none the less.

What we need from you today to help us continue to grow and improve is a review of the product you have purchased, we want to know how much you like it and whether it is a product you would recommend to friends & family? What features you like best about it? What if anything you would change etc?

To do this if you have an account you can find your previous purchases and click through to the product live on our site and you will see on the page where you can write a review. If you did not set up an account you can always use the search bar to find the product.

We know already that the majority probably are not going to do this, it's asking you to take time out of things you would rather be doing. And we APPRECIATE those few of you who do take the 5 or so minutes to do this for us and also help other potential shoppers in the future. And so for those brave few we want to offer you 10% OFF of your next purchase with us! This will be a coupon that will not expire for 6 months and can be used across our range of Tents, Awnings & Camping Equipment.

Simply leave your review, use the contact us section on our website to let us know and we will send you your 1 time UNIQUE discount code.

Thanks in advance to those of you that help us with this, and we look forward to helping you back with some MONEY OFF  your next order.

*Discount not available on Caravans, Folding Campers or Trailer Tents*