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Opus Folding Camper


 OPUS is a revolutionary folding camper. It is ultra-lightweight and extremely easy to tow, even with a small car. Its low profile allows for all round visibility, so you can hitch up and drive away with confidence. But don’t let its stature fool you. It is strong, rugged and extremely clever. With two reinforced lids and a universal racking system OPUS is the perfect load-carrying platform. Carry boats, carry bikes, carry kayaks, carry kites, carry anything and everything.

2017 brings the launch of AIR OPUS our most exciting product design update ever! Using Air pole technology to inflate the camper in just 90 seconds, reducing overall setup time and removing traditional poles completely. Camping in style - made even easier! Discover more by downloading our digital brochure for AIR OPUS Lifestyle Packages and embrace the future!

At OPUS we don’t think you should have to choose between practicality and comfort, so we match all of our practicalities with pure luxury. Soft double beds for the perfect nights sleep. Plush leatherette seating for a comfortable place to relax. Stainless steel sink with running water, kitchenette with gas hobs and a refrigerator, heating, lighting, plug sockets, the list goes on and on. All of which make OPUS inviting, relaxing and comfortable.

OPUS means freedom. The freedom to roam, the freedom to discover, the freedom to travel… wherever you want, whenever you want.

OPUS is all about you. OPUS enables you to create unforgettable memories with family and friends. Whether you are visiting your favourite British chocolate box beauty spot, roaming the continent on the look out for new adventures and experiences or using OPUS as a base camp for your favourite outdoor pursuits, OPUS is all about you! After a long day, OPUS provides you with the luxury you deserve.

For fun-loving, trail-blazing, thrill-seekers… everywhere.

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Opus Folding Camper Easy 5 Step Set Up

Opus Folding Camper Specifications


Overall Length (closed) inc.drawbar 416cm
Overall Width 195cm
Internal Length (main body section) 283cm
Internal Width (main body section) 188cm
Towing Height 117cm
Wheels 175/65 R14
Overall Length (erected) 580cm
Interior Height (max) 244cm
Bed Size 1 190cm x 140cm
Bed Size 2 190cm x 140cm
Full Awning Width (optional) 620cm
Full Awning Depth (optional) 240cm
MIRO (mass in running order) 800Kg
MTPLM (Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass) 900/1050/1250/1500Kg
MTPLM - MIRO = User Payload 100/250/450/700Kg
Roof Payload (approx. depending on roof bar capacity) 75kg


Opus Folding Camper Layout


Here at OPUS we understand freedom and flexibility is important to our customers and therefore the OPUS can be configured from a 4 to 10 berth camper depending on your party size. The OPUS itself is able to sleep 4 permanently in the two double beds, located at each end of the OPUS. An additional double bed can be created by lowering the table and arranging the leatherette to sleep another two people.

When fitted, the spacious awning can sleep a further two people in each of the two bedroom pods. OPUS can comfortably sleep up to 10 people, balancing efficient design and luxury living. Each of these spaces can be adjusted and customised to best suit your party size and requirements.


1 Double Bed 5 Portable Toilet
2 Leatherette Seating 6 * Double Bed
3 Table 7 Gas Hob
4 Fridge 8 Running Water/Sink


1 Double Bed 5 Portable Toilet
2 Double Bed 6 * Double Bed
3 - 7 Gas Hob
4 Fridge 8 Running Water/Sink



1 Double Bed 6 * Double Bed
2 Double Bed 7 Gas Hob
3 Table 8 Running Water/Sink
4 Fridge 9 Twin Bedroom Pods
5 Portable Toilet 10 Twin Bedroom Pods


1 Double Bed 6 * Double Bed
2 Double Bed 7 Gas Hob
3 - 8 Running Water/Sink
4 Fridge 9 Twin Bedroom Pods
5 Portable Toilet 10 Twin Bedroom Pods

Opus Folding Camper Construction

OPUS Campers are designed and manufactured specifically to ensure maximum strength, longevity and easy of use whilst keeping overall weight to a minimum. 

The external and internal walls of the OPUS® are constructed from Aluminium Dibond. This consists of two aluminium panels, separated by a Polyethylene core; providing a strong and lightweight outer shell.

A 20mm thick sheet of Polystyrene sits between the internal and external Aluminium Dibond walls to provide insulation to the OPUS® trailer.

The fl oor of the OPUS® is built using 10-ply sheeting, with a water proofed layer to the bottom and a dark-wood veneer to the top. This is then topped and sealed with industrial strength vinyl flooring.

The frame of the OPUS® is constructed using specially cast and welded aluminium. This helps keep the OPUS® light and easy to tow and move, while ensuring maximum strength. The Aluminium is then fi nished with a high quality powder-coat to ensure longevity.

When the OPUS® lids are closed and clamped down they are sealed tight with water tight finned rubber seals for ultimate protection from water ingress.

Highly pressurised gas springs are fi tted to the lids to ensure that the OPUS® is easy set up, with just one person being needed to unfold the trailer lids.

Panels, frames and fl ooring are secured using a combination of screws, aluminium rivets and high strength bonding agent before being sealed with silicone.

Opus Construction

Opus Folding Camper Package Options

For more information on what is included in the different packages available on The Opus Folding Camper then give us a call on 01202 893679 or alternatively leave us a message by clicking here.