Outdoor Revolution Premium Camp Bed | New for 2018

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Outdoor Revolution Premium Camp Bed

Outdoor Revolution’s ‘Premium Camp Bed’ is a luxurious fold-away single person camp bed, designed to ensure a cosy night’s sleep, with the integrated padded head pillow and 500-denier padded PVC polyester allowing you to sink into a deep sleep! The back rest is fully adjustable and multi-positionable to offer the user an additional degree of personalisation, providing optimum comfort in the most appropriate posture to them. It is based upon a tough matt graphite steel frame, with extra-wide feet pads to reinforce the bed’s stability, longevity and maximum weight load; this frame is designed to fold completely flat, allowing it to be easily and tidily packed into its inclusive compact carry bag, making transport and storage is easier than ever! Once tried, you’ll never sleep on the groundsheet again!

  • Matt Graphite Steel Frame
  • 500-Denier Premium Padded PVC Polyester
  • Extra-Soft Integral Padded Head Pillow
  • Adjustable Multi-Position Back Rest
  • Folds Away Flat
  • Extra Wide Feet Pads
  • Includes Compact Carry Bag
  • Ergonomic Size
  • MATERIAL: Matt Graphite Steel Frame & 500-Denier Padded PVC Polyester
  • NET WEIGHT: 10.12kg
  • SIZE: 213cm x 79cm x 31cm