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Folding Caravans - Campers & Leisure

Folding Caravans - Campers & Leisure

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Folding Caravans, caravans that fold ( the top half folds down ), have been popular with people who like to tow a solid sided caravan at a lower height, which reduced 'drag' and therefore increased fuel economy, road stability and driver visibility. The low profile also allowed  the  owner to have options regarding the storage of their Folding Caravan i.e. under the car port, in a garage or at least ,if on the drive at home, a lower, less obtrusive profile. The late 70's and then throughout the 80's were the 'hey day ' of the folding caravan. Popular imports from Germany and mainly France were companies such as  Esterel, Casita, La Boheme, Sterkeman and Rapido and then Gobur , which was/is the only British manufactured Folding Caravan.
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