Vango Joro Air 600XL | Family Air Tent - 2021

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The brand new Vango Joro 600XL is a unique tent for 2021 within Vango's new Earth Collection of tents. The Joro 600XL features an integrated front awning which is a great space to cook in whatever the weather plus the tent utilises Vango's villa construction which increases head height within the tent and all the way to the very back where your bedrooms are located. 

The main outstanding feature of the Joro 600XL has to be the manufacturing process that has gone into creating it, that sounds on the face of it insanely boring but hear us out! The world appears to be taking issues such as climate change quite seriously in the last few years, and quite rightly, and one of the leading issues is what to do with plastic waste. So what Vango are doing with their Earth Collection of tents and camping equipment is finding a way to re-use single use plastic waste, these are collected and then washed and crushed and finally the plastic pellets from this procedure are spun into thread which is then woven into what Vango are calling their Sentinel Eco Fabric. This is a 70 denier fabric which is also boosted by Vango's ColourLok technology which essentially gives you a flysheet that performs to that of a 150 denier rating, just without the weight and the huge pack size. And it looks and feels just like a normal polyester tent would too, so this is a really positive and novel way to produce new tents and the Joro 600XL alone has had over 260 plastic bottles used in its manufacturing process.

Inside the Joro 600XL you have a large dining and social area off of the front porch which is a little under 3 metres in depth and 3.80 metres wide, with a side entrance in to the living area which is also equipped with a mains electric access point. In the bedroom area you are getting Vango's nightfall bedrooms which offer plenty of room for everybody to sleep comfortably and the darkened inners greatly reduce the early morning light of summertime. 




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