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Here you will find easy to follow and informative guides on a range of Outdoor Revolution products. From pitching guides for their Tents, the best way to pack up an Awning and explanations on how the relief valves work on all Outdoor Revolution Air Tents and Awnings.
So to kick things off here is a demonstration on how to use the Outdoor Revolution Jet Stream Electric Pump:
Nothing to it is there! If you would like to buy the Outdoor Revolution Jet Stream Electric Pump click here.
Next up we have a video explaining how the inflation system on Outdoor Revolution products work, they boast the most unique inflation system on the market today with their "Dynamic Speed Valves" and "Intelligent Frame Relief Valve" making their Tents and Awnings the quickest to put up and take down, and most importantly IMPOSSIBLE to over inflate! 
Impressive right? This inflation system alone makes Outdoor Revolution Tents and Awnings the best option on the market today. And when you factor in the quality of the fabrics used on the majority of their range PLUS the lifetime guarantee on the beams, it really does make your choice very simple. To shop for Outdoor Revolution products today click here for Tents and here for Awnings.
The next video is a Tent pitching guide, the Tent being used is The Outdoor Revolution Airedale 5 but most of the concepts seen in this video will be relevant to all of the Outdoor Revolution range of Tents, so follow along, remember what you saw and when it comes to pitching your own it will be a doddle!
Almost too easy, what will you do with that extra time usually spent arguing how it should go and who's fault it was that the poles are still in the loft? Anybody can do this, at our display site you will often see us encouraging the kids to have a go. Peg and pump, simples!
This next video takes you through the shape the awning wants to be as you prepare to fold it away to go back in the bag, we often get asked at Campers and Leisure whether it is even humanly possible to get these things back in! I can assure you it is very possible, but better than us trying to describe it in words for you, here is a visual demonstration so that you can see for yourself how easy it is.
Not that scary really is it? This example will be relevant to all Caravan Awnings from Outdoor Revolution, and for Outdoor Revolution Drive Away Awnings the concept is very similar to that of putting away a tent, use the bag as a guide for the width, keep doors half open so that air can escape and roll towards the front door.
Up next is a demonstration of how to fit an Outdoor Revolution Drive Away Awning to a Fiamma wind out Awning, however the same rules in the video apply for any van with a awning channel already attached to your vehicle.
It really isn't difficult, the difficult part is not over complicating the process in your mind! Just follow the steps in this video and you will see it's easy. You can always contact us for further advice if you would like to.
The last video guide we have for now is a demonstration of how to remove and replace a beam should you ever need to. It's highly unlikely you will ever need to (remember the lifetime guarantee?) but it's still nice to know how quick and simple it is to do should the need arise.
Another "scary" job that's actually dead easy to do! 
For more information on any Outdoor Revolution Tent, Awning, Drive Away Awning or any other product then you can contact us or check out our range online.