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The ever popular Automatic Lumi Solar Lantern delivers an eco-friendly solar powered LED lantern light, designed to absorb solar energy from the sun to charge up the Lantern throughout the day, before intelligently switching itself on at night, or in dim lit areas, due to its photosensitive capability; a feature which is completely optional and can be switched off, in order to conserve battery life.

A compact design helps the lantern to retain a lightweight frame and ensures ease of portability when packing for your camping adventures. We have implemented an ergonomic fold out hanging hook, which allows the accessory to be suspended from a roof hook within your awning or tent, although it is also suitable for handheld use, or use on a flat surface. There are three brightness settings available on this model, ranging from a dim ‘night light’ setting to provide a cosy evening ambience, to a brilliant ceiling light for illuminating the entire internal space.

• 3x level lighting mode – Full: 90Lm / 50%: 50Lm / 20%: 15Lm

• Automatic solar charging with auto on/off setting option

• Hanging hook

• 3.7V, 800mAh Li Battery

• Rainproof to IPX2

• Charging Time: 5 hours

• Working Time: Full: 10hrs / 50%: 20hrs / 20%: 40hrs

• Certification: CE, ROHS

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