Ozone 6 XTR Lounge Liner

  • £34.99

Ozone 6 XTR Lounge Liner

The Lounge Liner is a highly useful optional extra, available for a number of awnings/tents; including the Ozones, Airedales, Inspirals, Esprits and the Europa 380. This product is available in various sizes as each compatible tent/awning has its own specialised lounge liner to ensure a perfect fit.

The product is lined with a cool-grey, breathable Micro-Polyester to create a more luxurious environment and improve air-flow.

This accessory has exceptionally water-repellent properties, which helps to reduce condensation.

The liner simply toggles into the roof in order to fit the accessory, making it incredibly convenient and simplistic, plus, these toggles securely hold the liner in place, even throughout harsher weather conditions.