Ozone 6 XTR Two Berth Inner

  • £51.99

Ozone 6 XTR 2 Berth Inner

The "Two-Berth Inner-Tent" is a fantastic optional extra, providing the perfect storage or sleeping area for up to two adults. It is shaped specifically to fit a range of our tents and the vast majority of our drive-aways.

The inner-tent is created using a breathable Micro-Polyester material and is dark in colour and placed in the darker, rear section of the drive-away in order to keep conditions comfortably dim when sleeping, whilst preventing you from being blinded by the light early in the morning! This dark colouring also helps to retain a luxurious and relaxing environment inside to ensure a brilliant night's sleep.

The inner-tent comes complete with a water-repellent Sewn-In Groundsheet for added protection against the elements.