Quest Performance Range Camp Larder

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Quest Performance Camp Larder

This is a premium folding camp larder. It features a new folding mechanism which allows the unit to be folded down to an incredibly small size making it very easy to carry and store when not in use.
The kitchen is features the premium Q600D fabric which is not only very strong but durable which makes your kitchen last for longer. IT has a premium lightweight aluminium slatted top which not only helps keep teh weight down but is all weather and rolls to a very small size helping to keep taht pack size down to a very miniumum.
It is extremely easy to erect and does not need to be assembled. It simply folds out and away has two poles that are placed in the top and teh table top clips to these. It is easily done within minutes. The kitchen features two shelves inside the main unit and each of these shelves has its own rollout hard top makng them stronger and better during use. It has a rolld down front with tie backs allowing you to permantly open teh front for easy access or close it up to keep it safe and secure.

Q600 Fabric
The Q600 fabric is a premium quality heavyweight fabric that is extremely durable and has great U.V. resistance. It is a 600D weight material which ensures it has great strength and durability helping the fabric last for years. The fabric has an advanced manufacturing process which helps ensure the thread is woven in an extremely tight fashion making it stringer than its rivals. The fabric is double layered giving it a thick almost quilted feel to it. This makes the fabric both comfortable to touch and feel but also gives added strength.


Quest Elite Performance range folding camp kitchen with windshield

Extremely durable Q600 fabric
Padded for extra comfort
Fire retardant
Extra comfort from the elasticated support
Excellent weather resistance
Exclusive slide out side table
Lightweight aluminium frame
Premium powder coating
7 Position adjustable recline
Padded head rest
Adjustable head rest
Head rest can be used as a lumbar support
Folds flat

Materials and
Fabric: Padded Q600 fabric
Frame: Premium powder coated aluminium
Size: 63 x 70 x 120cm.
Seat height: 46 cm.
Folded size: 63 x 11 x 120 cm.
Weight: 5.9 kg.
Max load: 120 kg.
Side table max load: 5 kg.